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Let Our Girls Tell You More About Themselves

We make it easy for you to learn about the girls we have available. Adult entertainment is a phone call away, but you want to choose a girl who you can connect with – and who can make all of your dreams come true. We have profiles of many of our girls online, allowing you to read through to learn more about who they are, what they enjoy doing, and even what some of their hidden talents are.


We’re confident that you’ll enjoy the company of any of our girls simply because they are fun, sexy, open-minded, and wild at heart. However, if you have specific tastes or want to enjoy a unique experience, one girl may be a better choice over another. Once you find a girl of interest, call us so we can help you set a date.

A-List Adult Entertainment and Escorts in Las Vegas

What kind of fantasies do you have? It’s time to think about that – and bring them to life with the high class female escorts we have to offer. This is your chance to meet busty escorts, MILF escorts, ebony escorts, and so much more. Whatever your preferred body type is, we have a girl who can’t wait to spend some quality time with you. Our girls have a lot of talents, so tap into what they have to offer when you call for Las Vegas incall escorts.

Some of what you can expect:

  • Sensual in-room massages
  • Girlfriend experience
  • Fetish play
  • Girl-on-girl shows
  • Toy demonstrations
  • Bachelor/Divorce party

The possibilities are nearly endless, and our services can be customized to meet even the wildest of fantasies. With Escorts Las Vegas, you can have one or more beautiful and open-minded girls knocking on your hotel room door to play. Two or more can provide you with intimate massages or play with each other while you watch. And if you want to have all eyes on you as you explore Las Vegas, simply ask for the girlfriend experience so you can have one of our sexy girls as your arm candy for a few hours.

What is it that you want? Call and let us help you bring your dreams to life.

Featured Escorts

A fit and toned woman in white bra and pink panties tosses her head back in exctasy, her long hair curling down over her body.


May Gets Really Wet

A energetic redhead stands in front of an albino Christmas tree. She's wearing a revealing red sports bra and black form-fitting shorts. In her hand she holds a Fleshlight sex toy. On her face she is all smiles.


Kali Loves The Washington Nationals

A tall, tanned woman in her 20s looks at you while her hands rest on the top of her head. Her slender figure is presented to you in a dark gray string bikini.


Raquel Is A Former Swimming Champion

A young Asian woman snaps a selfie of herself. She's wearing a lavender colored sweater. With wide eyes, she looks at you, her free hand plays with her hair.


Ushi Is A Sailor’s Delight


Leia Will Bring Peace To Your World

A young, sexy woman, is just waking up in bed. A man's dress-shirt is sliding down her body, exposing her shoulder. A small, black g-string clings to the curves of her booty. She looks over a pair of glasses in your direction.


Mia Has A Culinary Degree

A beautiful ebony woman looks seductively into the camera. She's combing hair back behind her ears. She's wearing a sheer bra, nipples barely visible through the light blue floral pattern.


Venus Poses For Some Erotica

A sexy, dark haired woman poses for a selfie. She looks through parted fingers into the camera while her blouse is fully unbuttoned, revealing she is not wearing a bra.


Dana Loves Delicious Food

A large, busty woman lays on her bed, making direct eye contact with you. Her massive breasts are barely contained by her pink, sheer bra. Her pink panties complete the look.


Erika Gives A Beach Massage

A brunette beauty is stepping out of the shower, completely nude. She holds a single towel over her breast and it cascades down her thigh, covering parts of her body from view. She's looking at you.


Carla Loves A Good Soapy Massage

Advantages of Hiring from Escorts Las Vegas

The moment you decide you want an upscale experience with a Las Vegas escort, it’s important to work with the best of the best – and that’s Escorts Las Vegas. Our escorts are independent, so there’s no one telling them what rules they have to follow (like a strip club or a spa). They travel to you for an incall experience to ensure you have the intimate setting you desire. There’s no need to sit in a crowded strip club surrounded by dozens of strangers just to have the attention of a girl.

You have the ability to ask for what you want. Rather than waving a few dollars for a lap dance, you can talk to the Las Vegas escort to be clear about what you want. As consenting adults, it can lead to a sensual massage, an erotic striptease, or something else…


By being respectful, you may be surprised by what can happen. And since there are no rules and no cameras, it allows both of you to enjoy the time being shared. There are a few other advantages we want to touch on, too…

  • Transportation: There’s no need to take a taxi or an Uber to anywhere. You can stay right where you are because our girls come to you. This allows you to avoid the awkward rideshare to a strip club or anywhere else. Especially if you’ve spent money on an upscale hotel room, you might as well put it to good use.
  • Selection of Las Vegas Escorts: You can bring your fantasies to life by choosing the girl you want to spend a few hours with. This can be BBW escorts, mature Las Vegas escorts, and more. Be clear about the features you want – with our large selection of female escorts, we’re confident we’ll send you the perfect girl.
  • Pricing. We’re confident that we have the pricing you demand for cheap escorts without ditching the VIP experience. By booking with us, you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees. With strip clubs and massage spas, there are constant hard sells to spend more money so you can “keep the party going.” We keep it simple by providing you with hourly rates.
  • Control of the Environment. You get to control every detail of the environment without anyone to tell you otherwise. Set the mood with music, candles, and everything else. If you don’t opt for an incall experience, there’s no telling what the ambiance (or lack thereof) could be. 


When you call us, you’ll quickly learn that we offer cheap escorts who know how to cater to your every need and desire in a professional yet sensual way.

Avoid Scams

Our goal is to help you avoid the scams that can come from hiring escorts without using a service. Often, people choose based on Las Vegas escort prices – the cheaper, the better. The problem is that this can lead you toward some of the classified sites and directories where the girls aren’t being honest. Many of the girls on the different sites claim to be someone they’re not. They use porn star and celebrity images – and they’ll ask for deposits without ever showing up. They’ll fall off the radar as soon as they get your money – and you’ll be without any kind of adult entertainment for the night. Beyond the photos not being real girls, another scam is the bait & switch. You’ll be promised one girl and another one who looks nothing like the image shows up. You’ve already paid the money and you don’t want to make waves, so you accept her – and you’ve significantly overpaid without getting what you wanted. We allow you to meet the girl first. And if she shows up at your door without meeting all of your expectations, send her away – no hurt feelings!


While we don’t post the actual photos of the girls for privacy reasons, we post ones that are similar. Many of our clients find that our Las Vegas incall escorts are actually hotter than the photos that are found on our website. We also highly recommend that you don’t take advice from street promoters, limo drivers, or rideshare drivers. Many are given money to promote a particular service – and this can mean that you’re being hustled. Are all of the promoters and drivers scamming you? No, but there’s no reason to take any unnecessary chances.

A few other scams you might see:

  • Escort cards being handed out on the street. These “card slappers” get your attention. And on the card is not only a number to call but also some kind of “deal” to get you hooked
  • Working girls at the bars or nightclubs. Many of these are traps that can result in either prostitution charges or an invite to a high-priced club or massage parlor
  • Bottle service at the clubs. Whether it’s a strip club or a nightclub, there’s the common misconception that taking advantage of bottle service will get you laid. Don’t fall for it. You won’t get laid and you could end up spending thousands of dollars to learn that lesson.

Ultimately, if a listing looks too good to be true, it usually is. By working with our escort service in Las Vegas, you can be sure that you’re getting a VIP experience with MILF escorts, busty escorts, and more. We meet all of the girls in person to ensure they’re the real deal – and that’s what allows us to offer the services that we do with the highest level of confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. In Las Vegas, prostitution is very much illegal. You have to go out of the county for it to be considered legal. So, if you’re looking for a prostitute then you’ll want to grab a cab and start driving.

Here’s the thing about that. An escort is not a prostitute, so you can’t hire her with the expectation that the two of you are going to end up knocking boots by the end of the night. But, the two of you are also grown adults. You’re also consenting adults. Which means that, should the two of you mutually decide to get jiggy with it (god, how old is that reference?) then by all means, have fun.

When booking Las Vegas escorts you need to know the specifics of paying. To reserve her time you will pay a fee to the website. This locks her in and makes sure her time is dedicated specifically for you. However, when you pick up your escort, or when the Las Vegas escort arrives at your hotel room, you will then discuss services, talk about the things you want to do, and then pay money directly to her for that experience. It is very important for you to remember all of this. The escort girl is not scamming you. That’s how the setup works.

Absolutely! Maybe the two of you really connect and you’d like to talk with her after your date is done. There are no rules against sharing phone numbers, connecting on Instagram, or doing anything else of that nature. We would never want to prevent the two of you from forming a long-term relationship. So, if both of you decide to stay in contact, that’s completely up to you.

Escorts, Prostitution, and The Law

Hiring female escorts doesn’t have to be a challenge – and it certainly shouldn’t get you in trouble with the law.

  1. Choose a reputable escort agency like Escorts Las Vegas. We’ll ensure you get the VIP treatment you’re after. If you end up getting ripped off by using a classified ad or a shifty massage spa, we warned you!
  2. Never pay upfront. You shouldn’t pay until after you’ve seen the girl in person.
  3. You’re in control, so if you don’t like the girl who shows up, speak up. No one will be mad if you decide not to choose the first girl who shows up at your hotel room. Ask questions, be direct, and never be shy about what you want.

Prostitution may be legal in Nevada, but only in certain counties. Las Vegas is located in Clark County, and prostitution is illegal. This means that you cannot solicit sex from anyone, including the Las Vegas escort who may already be sitting in your hotel room. If you’re searching for a prostitute, you have to remember that they are illegal in  Las Vegas. And if you want a brothel, you’ll have to travel at least an hour away from Vegas to find them. If you call us or any other escort service and ask about explicit sex acts, you’re likely to be hung up on. Why? Prostitution is illegal. It’s a very important thing to remember.

Now, if you want to have some naughty and/or sensual fun and have questions about the services that ARE available from our girls, be sure to ask questions. We’re happy to discuss what our girls can do – and we’ll ensure you have a memorable experience from an upscale escort. What you should know is that it’s completely legal for two consenting adults to have a sexual relationship. You simply need to ensure that consent is NOT influenced by money. Should you hire an escort, enjoy your services. Once your services are over, decide if the two of you have hit it off. Only AFTER you’ve finished paying for your services can you seek some kind of date or relationship.

Enjoy yourself. Tip generously. Practice good hygiene. Be a gentleman. If you follow these basic tips, you may find that you can have all of the fun you can handle while staying within the limits of the law.

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