Mia Has A Culinary Degree
A young, sexy woman, is just waking up in bed. A man's dress-shirt is sliding down her body, exposing her shoulder. A small, black g-string clings to the curves of her booty. She looks over a pair of glasses in your direction.

Thank you for being here!

I’m Mia and I’m an escort in the Las Vegas area ready to show you the time of your life! Here’s more about me to read over so you get to know me better. This will break the ice and give us a starting place for when we get together!

I Love All Types Of Animals

I have four cats. Yes, the crazy cat woman of the future! I love these creatures and I couldn’t imagine life without them. In addition to cats, I enjoy other animals as well. i really like spending time at zoos where wild animals are there to view. I have always had a thing for giraffes. I even have a giraffe printed purse. Birds and snakes intrigue me as well. I had thought about getting one of these as a pet, but with my cats, I probably should just admire them in other spots.

I Am A Culinary Expert

Many people don’t realize this, but I love to cook! I bake as well! When I’m not escorting, and sometimes even when I am, you can find me in the kitchen. Do you want me to whip up a great meal for you? If so, reach out and let’s talk! I love the preparation from the grocery shopping to the meal planning aspect. I am a wizard when it comes to fractions! I also know what to improvise with when you are out of an ingredient. 

I Love Doing Crosswords

Yeah, call me nerdy, but I’m a crossword queen. I look forward to doing them on a daily basis. I have an app on my phone that gives you the crossword of the day. I’ll be the one asking you for help if I am not sure what word fits in the puzzle. I like to think that doing this enriches my mind and makes me smarter. Who knows though!

I Am Big On Touching

I can’t keep my hands off of people. I’m a huggy-kissy kind of girl. I think it comes from being part of a large family. Someone was always there to lend you a helping hand or provide you with love when you needed it. That rubbed off on me and I’m there to provide you with a woman’s touch when it is needed. I am a great massage artist. If you haven’t had a massage in a while, you’ll be in for a real treat when I get my hands on you. I like to massage my clients in the buff. Why make them strip down and not join in? It makes the session so sexy and one thing will lead to another. If you want intimacy with me, you’ve got to let me give you that massage to get there quickly!