Raquel Is A Former Swimming Champion
A tall, tanned woman in her 20s looks at you while her hands rest on the top of her head. Her slender figure is presented to you in a dark gray string bikini.

Hello friends. I'm glad you stopped in to find out more about me!

I’m Raquel and as you can see from my profile pictures, I’m quite attractive. I didn’t get this body overnight, and I actually go out of my way to keep my physique to my liking. 

I Used To Be Overweight

Believe it or not, I was an overweight child. I struggled throughout my younger years because as you know, children are not always the nicest when it comes to hanging around someone who looks different. I was the one sitting along at lunchtime. I only had a few friends. I was very upset about how I looked and when I hit high school, I made it a priority to change my body favorably.

I Joined The Swim Team

I always loved swimming. I found that it was a sport where you didn’t have to answer to anyone other than yourself. You just strived to be your best and did what you could at your own pace. At first, I was completely self-conscious about getting into a swim suit in front of fellow students. Luckily for me, the girls team practiced separately from the boys team. I put all of my effort into my swimming skills during this time.

I Ended Up A Champion

During my junior and senior years, my swimming skills paid off. I started losing those unwanted pounds and I noticed that the boys were starting to look my way more than they had before. I didn’t pay much attention to them though because I wanted to keep my focus upon my swimming. I ended up going to finals for my state and I won the division for breaststroke. I felt like a star.

I Still Swim Daily

I have access to a swimming pool and I swim every day. It is indoors, so I have that luxury. I believe it helps me to keep my slim yet muscular body. It also keeps me in the best of health. Being in the water is where I want to be!

Can We Swim Together?

I love it when clients ask me to swim with them. Those who stay in hotels with pools are very lucky and I’ll ask them if I could take a dip with them if I notice a pool is accessible. Perhaps you’d like to take a dip with me? Afterward, we can warm up together in a warm bubble bath. Then we can top it all off with some relaxing massages. That sounds like pure pleasure, doesn’t it?

If you want to get to know me better, I’m only a phone call or text away. I’m ready to offer my companionship and can’t wait to meet you and learn more about you!