Venus Poses For Some Erotica
A beautiful ebony woman looks seductively into the camera. She's combing hair back behind her ears. She's wearing a sheer bra, nipples barely visible through the light blue floral pattern.

I recently had an encounter with a couple that made me feel so very special.

 I am an escort available for hire, and I am more than willing to spend time with couples if desired. Because of this trait, I am pretty sought after in the escort world. The couple that recently hired me made sure I felt appreciated for my services. Here’s what happened.

We Went Out To Get To Know Each Other Better

I find that it makes a huge difference in the overall experience a couple has with an escort if they go out with her before spending time with her alone. This breaks the ice and makes the entire session comfortable for everyone from beginning to end. I met the couple that hired me at a local restaurant. We enjoyed some fine cuisine and engaged in conversation, making us feel as if we were a bunch of old friends by the time all was said and done. After that, I suggested going to a nightclub to exercise away the calories. This is where I started to get flirtatious with both of my clients, building up the anticipation level so that they wanted to get me back to their place as soon as they could.

Exploration Began In The Form Of Art

When I got back to my clients’ home, they told me they were interested in photographing me. The male client was a professional photographer and wanted some pictures of me for a portfolio. He told me that my face would not be in any of the photos, so that way I could keep my identity hidden. He presented me with a mask to put on. I did so and then stripped down to nothing. He positioned me in different areas in the home and took the photos he wanted. The female client would help with the positioning, so she had ample time to touch me and see just what was waiting for her when the photo session ended.

We Then Took The Party To The Bedroom

The mask made me lose all inhibitions and I told my clients that maybe they would like to put masks on themselves for the rest of our date. You can then pretend to be someone else or explore actions without anyone being able to see your reactions. It added a sense of mystery to the entire date. Each of them complied and then I instructed them to strip down just like me. There’s no sense in having just one person in the buff, now is there? They helped each other disrobe and we took our party to the bed to give each other massages…complete with masks for the process. This was a very erotic session, and I do believe that I have another date coming my way in the near future. I know I can’t wait to try masks with other clients!