Norah Gets Spiritual
A blonde beauty leans over the end of a couch, exposing her rear end that wears only an erotic black thong. While a city view outside, she is looking directly at you.

I was asked to try some tantra, in an intimate setting.

Hello there friends! I’m Norah, and I am an escort who enjoys making clients feel their absolute best. I had recently had a client contact me to have an experience that went above and beyond their expectations. The date was one of my favorites, by far. Here’s what happened when I got together with this client. 

I Knew I Had To Be Focused

I was asked about the tantra part of the date before I even met my client. I hadn’t really tried this type of encounter before, so I read up on the subject to find out what it was all about. The information I had found told me that I needed to hone in on my client’s needs, and hold off on acting on their desires until the exact right time. This enhances the experience for the receiver. I was ready to try my best! I got dressed in comfortable clothing that showed off my curves wonderfully. I was hoping I could pull this off! I had a feeling I would do alright because of my research and the fact that I have a pretty good idea on what guys want when it comes to intimacy.

We Got To Know Each Other First

I suggested to my client that we spend some time getting to know each other before we tried anything intimate. He was raring to go and get to the good stuff, but I knew that this time would be well spent for the both of us. I was able to ask him about his desires, what he really didn’t like in a woman, and what excited him. This information proved to be very useful when we got back to his place. I was able to do exactly what he wanted without any question. We also had a good time going out, so I am really glad we took the time to do so.

We Stripped Down And Got To Work

I started the tantra experience with a very slow strip tease. I made sure this was a hands-on experience for my client and I encouraged him to help me disrobe. He was very excited with this prospect, as was I. It put us into the mood for exploration. We went to the bed and I asked my client to lie down on his stomach so I could give him a massage. I got onto his back and used my massage expertise to knead away the stresses. I made sure to touch the erogenous zones on his body with just the right amount of pressure. I held off on focusing on them long though because I wanted to build up the anticipation level even more. When I did finally touch the right spots, he was in heaven! It was a long process, but so worth the wait!