Jackie Handles Some Jealousy
A seductive Latina leans back and spreads her legs. Her beaded panties partially expose everything. Her areolas and nipples are visible through the beaded bikini top.

am Jackie, and I am available to give couple's massages.

Would you like to spend time with your partner enjoying a new adventure? Many men find that their partners really end up loving the experience, although many have qualms about it at first. Here’s how I handle jealous issues so that your wife, girlfriend, or lover gets over their feelings and hones in on their true fantasies instead.

I Give Many Compliments

I really enjoy spending time with both males and females, so it is not at all fake or phony when I hand out compliments to the female of a party. I look for the good in anyone, whether it be a physical feature or a personality trait. I’ll make sure to give compliments when they are deserved and your partner will be pretty darn proud when she receives them. A compliment from someone as pretty as me is usually very well-received and can quickly turn jealousy into friendship. I love it when women compliment me back as well! It makes me feel just as good as your significant other will when I tell her what I like about her. 

I Give Her The Entire Package

There is no special treatment for men when there is a couple’s massage in play. I spend just as much time with your lady as I will with you! I want each of you to be equally happy with the services I provide. In addition to massage, I’m there for going out on a date or being completely intimate with. Perhaps your partner will enjoy a sexy strip tease or maybe she would like me to give her a lap dance while you watch the entire thing. I go out of my way to make the female clients feel completely special. After all, they are! Women are wonderful and to thwart jealousy of any kind, don’t be surprised when I tend to her body as much as I do yours.

I'll Show Her A Thing Or Two

Many females get jealous because they aren’t comfortable with the actions they provide to their partners. I’ll go out of my way to teach your partner a few tips to help her boost the romance-level in the bedroom with you. She’ll feel completely confident after I give her pointers that she can try out on her own when I’m no longer around. Make sure to compliment her for her efforts! Even if she is not perfect at first, in time she will get better at the skills I teach to her. You’ll find that she’ll want to spend more time with you than ever after I show her how exciting it is to provide your partner with stimulation and romance in a whole new way. During our session, be sure to alert us when you are pleased with the services you are experiencing. This will help with my training process!