Whitney Goes To Cirque du Soleil
A fit, young woman in her early 20s takes a selfie. She's wearing light wash denim jeans that hug her waist, and her form-fitting shirt reveals her toned abs.

Let me tell you all about my date to visit Cirque du Soleil with a client

 I had never been there before, as I am quite new to the area. I had heard about it though, and was extremely excited to find out what it was all about in person. Being there with the right person made it so much fun! Here’s all about my sexy date with a man who knew exactly what I found to be thrilling.

I Got Ready For The Event

I knew I wanted to be comfortable as we would be sitting for a while to watch the show. I did opt for a skirt though so I could show my date peeks of my long legs whenever possible. A low-cut blouse was also in order. I picked out pieces that I could also wear out to a restaurant or nightclub if my date wanted to have more fun after the show was over. We did end up doing just that, and I know I wowed a lot of guys at the places we went. 

The Show Was So Intense

My client decided on the show “Zummanity” for our date. He knew that this show was more sexy than other options, making it a great choice for us because we wanted to get into the mood for being with other intimately later on. This show has nudity entertwined within the story line, and this bit of burlesque did the trick in getting us going for a partnership we wouldn’t forget.

Out And About For More

After that show, all I wanted to do was get my client alone. He, however, wanted to go out for a drink and a bit of dancing to help build the anticipation level between us. I was so flirtatious during all of this! Other guys were watching us and it just turned me on that much more. I couldn’t take it anymore and told my client we needed to get back to his place right away.

The Best Part Of The Date

When we did get back to my client’s place, we had a nightcap that went above and beyond my expectations. I gave my client a striptease as soon as we got through the door. After all that action at the show, I wanted to reinact scenes in my own way. This little role-playing session got my client in the mood for more. He asked me to give him a massage and I was all in. I made sure to tend to every portion of his body, and we ended up cuddling for a good deal of time after that. It was a time I will never forget!