Taylor Flys to Cuba!
A blonde woman plays with her hair as she takes a selfie. A leather jacket hangs from her shoulders, her only covering besides the black and sheer bra and panty set.

I can finally say I have been to Cuba!

I always wanted to visit, and my dream finally came true when I made a date with a businessman who needed to fly there for his company. Lucky for me, he brought me along! Here’s what happened on our date.

I Got Ready For The Flight

My client had a private jet take us to Cuba. I had never been on one of these crafts before, so that in itself was rather exciting to experience. I packed plenty of sexy outfits to bring along as my date booked me for a whole week as his date. I felt like I had won the lottery! When we took off, I got to view the beautiful waters below as we set out for the country. The closest I had ever gotten to Cuba before was seeing that sign in Key West. This was going to be the real deal though! 

We Landed And Took In The Sights

What a beautiful country Cuba turned out to be! It was everything I had expected and even more. When we arrived, we left our luggage with a hotel steward to bring to our room and set out to explore the town in which we were staying. Small shops, eateries, and plenty of splashes of color from decorated homes and inhabitant’s clothing gave me great views. I loved the peaceful feeling of being in a land unknown with a strong man by my side. It also helped that he was wealthy and extremely good-looking. I felt as if I was on a honeymoon with the man of my dreams. I told him this and he wanted to show his gratitude for my presence right away. How could I say no to this?

We Spent A Lot Of Time Inside

I have to admit, I sure am glad we took that walk the first day we arrived in the country. After we got back to our hotel room, I didn’t really leave that much afterward. It was hard to go somewhere when all you wanted to do was be in the arms of your client. That is exactly what happened. We only left each other’s side when my client had to go on a business event. He made these excursions quick though so he could get right back to me. We ordered a lot of room service. We spent time on our veranda enjoying the view around us. We were poolside whenever it seemed no one would be around to bother us. We explored each other in detail.

This trip did wonders for me. I found out a lot about myself and what I want in a partner when the right time comes. I am sad to say, my client hasn’t been back in my area for a while. He does contact me via phone though every few months. I really need someone new to take me away. Will it be you?