Mona Tickles Her Fancy
A blonde woman in her early 20s looks down at her camera as she smiles. A small, white tank top covers her breasts, although it's either cold or she's excited, as nipples are easily visible through the fabric.

I admit it. I have a fetish.

 I love being tickled. It gets me all hot and bothered! I find that men who love tickling women are some of the most exciting out there! I am rather shy about this fetish, and I don’t usually tell others about it right away. Here though, through my line of work, I feel it is an important aspect of get-togethers I have with clients. Since this type of work revolves around fun and fantasy, I may as well get some of those amenities myself. Here’s what happened recently when a client was extremely happy to indulge in my requests.

I Let My Client Know My Wishes

Before I set out on a date with a client, I make it a point to converse with them whether via phone, text, or email. My client reached out to me asking if I was available for a daytime date. I was not booked up so he was all mine. He had called to inquire, and when my company put me on the phone with him, we had some light banter back and forth to find out what was expected during our date. I told my client my wishes to have him tickle me and that it brought out the animal from within. He laughed and told me he would definately go out of his way to make sure I was laughing as much as possible during our date. I couldn’t wait for the meetup!

We Went Golfing And More

My client was an advid golfer and lived in the area. He was a country club member and told me ahead of time that I would need to wear comfortable shoes because we would be walking around quite a bit. Well, it wasn’t all that much because we did have a cart to move between greens, but we did walk away from the course every once in a while to hide out in the tree line. This is where the tickling began! I was so scared other members of the club would hear me laughing from within the forest area. I had to stifle my laughter to the best of my ability. Every time my client reached out to tickle me, I became more and more excited. I couldn’t wait until our game was over!

We Had Some Alone Time

The tickling didn’t stop at the course. When we got back to my client’s home, he started tickling me right away. He would start off at the small of my back and work his way up and down my legs. I couldn’t stand it! I wanted him to continue to touch me, yet I wanted him to stop because it was so excrutiating to endure. He brought me over to the bed and we had a tickle massage session. I couldn’t stop laughing and he couldn’t either. We did have a secret “stop” word which I used when I couldn’t take it anymore. When he did stop, it was time for cuddling, kisses, and plenty more. I had the time of my life! The best part is, this client booked me for a date again next week. This time we are going to try going to a play. It will be so hard to not laugh while being tickled….but I look forward to it!