Camilla Throws An Ax
A beautiful woman leans against her arm. A strange top dangles over her mostly exposed breast, with the top and side exposed.

Hello everyone! I am Camilla and I love going out to bars with my clients!

¬†There’s nothing like the sounds and smells associated with the seediest of taverns that gets me going. I love being the girl sitting on the barstool that every guy wants to talk to. I always give my attention to my client though. That doesn’t mean these guys don’t try though! I recently had a date with a cleint at a bar that I had never been to before. Here’s what happened.

We Decided Simple Was The Way To Go

Many of my clients take me out to casinos, fancy restaurants, and nightclubs. While that is certainly fun, I find that I would much rather have a simple date. A client I recently had the pleasure of spending time with had indicated he wanted a no-muss, no-fuss date with a pretty woman. I was the one he had selected and I was ready to show him a good time without any fanfare involved. Simple dates are often more memorable than those where a client drops a ton of money on me. I was happy to have the chance for fun without a bunch of hoopla.

I Got Ready For The Date

A simple dates means I was able to dress nicely without having to spend a lot to do so. I was able to find pieces within my already established wardrobe. I knew I wanted to look enticing for my client, yet I wanted to remain comfortable. I decided on a pair of tight jeans that showed off all of my curves and a tank top that had a plunging neckline. I looked sexy, yet I didn’t have to worry about a skirt that was riding up or a shirt that wasn’t covering my belly. I felt comfortable and was ready for loads of fun.

We Enjoyed A Local Tavern

My client was from the area and had a tavern in mind for our get-together. It was one I had never been to before, so that was rather exciting for me. We played a jukebox, sang songs loudly when they were heard, and decided to take our chances at throwing a large ax at a dartboard. That was something I had never done before in my life! I had heard about hatchet throwing establishments, but I had never been to a bar that had their own version of this type of sport. We took turns toss the ax and I was the winner as I had it land right in the middle of the dartboard. I won a free drink and had my name added to a list of participants who had accomplished this task.

We Went Back To His Place

My winning had put me in a fabulous mood. My client wanted to head back to his place, so we left the tavern in high spirits. I decided to show my client my appreciation for a fun date with a strip tease he wouldn’t want to end. I took off every stitch slowly for his viewing pleasure. When then cuddled and I topped off my client’s session with a relaxing massage. What an excellent date we had together!