May Gets Really Wet
A fit and toned woman in white bra and pink panties tosses her head back in exctasy, her long hair curling down over her body.

I love the ocean! One activity that I had never tried before until recently, was surfing.

 What a fun, fun way to spend the afternoon! It’s all because of a client who invited me to join him on a surfing excursion. Here is how our date went!

I Dressed For The Occasion

Since we were going to be in the water for much of our date, I knew I had to look absolutely delicious for my client. I head out to one of the swanky shops near my apartment and picked out a bathing suit I knew was going to turn heads. I also grabbed a pair of designer sunglasses and a cute coverup. I was ready! In my beach bag I had an evening dress for any entertainment my client wanted to throw my way. Let’s get this date going!

I Was Given Some Instructions

My client didn’t expect for me to be a professional surfer and told me that he would stay right by my side throughout our excursion on the waters. He showed me how to maneuver the surfboard and gave me tips about the cresting of waves, so I knew when to start ascending toward the shoreline. I remained close to the beach and practiced with some smaller waves.

I Lost My Board And My Top Too

This is when my date took a complete turn. I must have started my ascension too quickly and I didn’t gauge the height of the wave coming toward me. It was enormous and engulfed me and my board. Somehow I lost the board completely and found myself treading water after the wave passed. We found it up the beach a bit later on. The funny part is I also lost my bikini top. I searched around me and only saw water, water, everywhere. Shells or stones wouldn’t cover me. Sand wasn’t going to work. Now what was I going to do? I couldn’t just walk back holding my front in embarrassment.

My Client Came To The Rescue

My client saw my demise and quickly paddled toward me with his surfboard. He wanted me to climb up, but I had to tell him that my top was totally gone. He was pretty excited about this and asked me to give him a peek since we were far enough away from the shoreline at that time. I did so and asked him to help me get to the shore without having others see that I was topless. He had a solution. He hoisted me up upon his back and carried me back to our belongings, piggyback style. No one knew that my breasts were uncovered as they were pressed against his back the whole time. We just looked like a couple in love!