Erika Gives A Beach Massage
A large, busty woman lays on her bed, making direct eye contact with you. Her massive breasts are barely contained by her pink, sheer bra. Her pink panties complete the look.

I love being on the beach!

There’s nothing better than gazing at the water and enjoying the sunshine. I recently had the pleasure of spending time with a wealthy gentleman who had his own private beach! That was an experience I will never, ever forget. Here’s how my adventure went.

I Showed Up Ready For Sun And Fun

My client told me to pack a bag full of beach attire and accessories because he had his own area to enjoy. I had no idea how much land this guy had until I arrived. It truly was a beautiful setting, and we had the beach all to ourselves! I couldn’t believe my good fortune, and I was going to make the most of this date. I couldn’t wait to show my client how much I appreciated this. He was going to be very pleased when all was said and done. 

I Was Given A Tour Of The Area

In addition to a vast shoreline where I could sunbathe in my own luxurious beach chair, my client had cabanas so you could get out of the sun and enjoy the shade if you wished. This was a great spot for relaxing while listening to the surrounding outdoors. The cabana I selected was decked out with all the amenities you would need. It had a spot to lie down complete with pillows and a soft blanket should you get cold. It had a mini-bar and all the fixings for exotic drinks to enjoy waterside. There was a bin full of delicious snacks to chose from as well. Music was streaming through from a wireless system. It was complete heaven in this thing!

My Client Asked If He Could Join Me

When I went into a cabana to get out of the sun for a bit, I took to the bed area and rested my eyes. Before knew it, my client was in the cabana with me. He was checking on my well-being and decided to sit down and talk to me for a bit. One thing led to another, and we were all over each other. I asked my client if I could give him a massage. He was quick to say yes!

The Massage Did The Trick

I think my client was extremely happy with the service I provided to him. I gave him the most relaxing massage you could ever have. The mood made me want to strip down and I took everything off when my client was resting comfortably. I climbed onto his back and used my entire body to provide pressure to his. This was a massage he was not going to forget! He was so pleased with my massage, he has asked me to come back to his place for a repeat date in the coming months. I can’t wait!