Ushi Is A Sailor’s Delight
A young Asian woman snaps a selfie of herself. She's wearing a lavender colored sweater. With wide eyes, she looks at you, her free hand plays with her hair.

What good is a bachelor party if there are absolutely no women around to spend time with?

That would be a pretty boring time, if you ask me! I’m Ushi, and I am available to hire for parties of any type. Bachelor parties are my specialty! In the past few months, I have booked several upcoming events, and I encourage you to do the same if you have a bachelor party planned on the horizon. One of my favorite bachelor parties was one where the group consisted of mainly Navy boys. Here’s what happened.

I Knew What I Was Getting Myself Into

I was informed about the nature of the party at the time I was booked. The groom-to-be was a Navy man, as many of his friends were. The party was going to be held near a naval base, and I was to expect many men dressed in their uniforms. I couldn’t wait for this! I was very excited about being the entertainment for these men. I knew I would be in high-demand throughout the party so I was going to make it a priority to give each and every participant there. I knew this was going to be tough, but I was determined to follow through and make each guest extremely happy with my presence.

We Started With Some Stripping

When I arrived at the designated location for the party, I called my contact from outdoors so he could get the music ready for my entry. When I heard the music get extremely loud, I made my way inside. To my delight, I saw many men lined up waiting to see who had arrived. I was ready to give them a show they wouldn’t forget. I had dressed in a naval uniform that I borrowed from a friend. This way, at first the guests would have thought I was just a female friend showing up for the party. Quickly, however, they found that was indeed not the case. Your old friend Sally isn’t going to start taking off her blouse for a bunch of strangers, now is she? I stripped down to the bare minimum and encouraged guests to get up on the floor with me as I moved around. What a great time this was!

Individual Attention Was Provided

After the group dance came to an end, people started to break off into their own little groupings to mingle and have fun. I made it a point to intervene within each of these groups so I could talk to the guests and give them some one-on-one time with me if they chose to accept it. Absolutely no one declined. We are talking about lap dances and cuddle sessions off in corners where no one could see what was really going on. All of the guys had a blast. The groom had the best time of his life. He even had his bride-to-be there for a special run-through and she gave me a high-five as she blasted her way through the room. That was hilarious!