Kali Loves The Washington Nationals
A energetic redhead stands in front of an albino Christmas tree. She's wearing a revealing red sports bra and black form-fitting shorts. In her hand she holds a Fleshlight sex toy. On her face she is all smiles.

I have been a Washington Nationals fan for years!

Hey there! I’m Kali. Can you believe, up until this past season, I never went to a game before? I was always too busy dating clients or spending time at home resting and doing chores. Plus I never really had someone to go with me. That is until recently. I had a client surprise me with tickets to a game! I couldn’t wait! Here’s how our date went.

I Was Decked Out In The Team Attire

Since I’m a true fan, I have plenty of Nationals clothing that I wear on my off days. I found a tight t-shirt that showed off my curves perfectly, did my hair in a messing ponytail, and put on a cap for good measure. I hoped my client didn’t think I was too casual, but after all, it’s a baseball game! He was thrilled with my choices and knew I meant business since I didn’t wear something totally skimpy and inappropriate. I was here to watch the game! I was there for him as well though….

My Client Made Me Completely Comfortable

I was given all the frills at this game. We had box seats, so we had a great view the entire time. My client made sure that I had food and drinks whenever I requested. He took his time to walk me to the ladies’ room area, so I didn’t need to do this alone. He was also there to keep other men away from me as we spent our time at the stadium. He didn’t really seem like the jealous type. I think he was doing this for my safety, and I really, really appreciated this kind gesture!

I Flirted All That I Could

We had a blanket that we draped over ourselves. It helped to keep the chill off but was also used for flirting reasons. I was able to touch my client without anyone seeing what was going on under that piece of cloth. This was a pretty exciting¬†prospect and let’s say it got my client ready for his own homerun for when we got back to his place.

We Rehashed The Game And More

When we got to my client’s apartment, we talked about the game and the flirtatious fun we had while we watched. One thing led to another and I stripped over that t-shirt and my jeans and gave my client a lap dance. He was sitting there with his mouth open the whole time. I asked him to strip me completely bare, and he did so. After that, we head to his bedroom where I gave him a massage. That was the highlight of our evening. He was in heaven!