Aroura Goes Country
A blonde woman looks over her exposed shoulder, as she sits on her bed, her massive booty fully showing off to the camera.

I've always been a country girl at heart.

That’s why, when I was asked to be a special guest at a bachelor party that was comprised of a country-loving group, I was more than willing to step up and give them the entertainment they desired. Here’s what happened at a country-inspired bachelor party I recently worked for.

I Dressed Up For The Event

I knew the guys at this party were going to want to see me totally decked out in country apparel. I picked out a great looking flannel crop top with a plunging neckline, a pair of Daisy Dukes that left very little to the imagination, and my favorite cowboy boots. I topped it off with a suede cowboy hat and I was in business. I couldn’t wait for my client to see how great I looked. I had the swagger down and was ready to strut my stuff!

We Headed Out To The Rodeo

Lucky for me, the bachelor party was starting out at the local rodeo. I love watching them rope and ride! It was a thrilling experience, especially with so many great-looking men around me. I felt like the star being the only woman in the group. The guys were all vying for my attention and I made sure to give it to each and every one of them. I moved my seat around often so I could sidle up to each of the participants, giving him some one-on-one attention while out in public. The guys ate this up! I really enjoyed being the one that everyone wanted to be with. It was tough to divvy up my time, but I did it well, I believe. I made sure to show the guys some sneak peaks down my shirt and I gave them some intimate attention. Just a stroke of the leg, or a brush of a kiss on the cheek. I wanted build up the anticipation level of what was to come next.

The Party Let Me Show My Assets

When the rodeo came to an end, we headed back to the home of one of the party-givers. Here is where the real fun was had! Someone put on some upbeat country tunes and I used this to my advantage. I gave the guys a sexy strip tease with plenty of flirtation for each of them to enjoy. I really had a blast! When I was stripped down to almost nothing, I suggested some massages to get everyone relaxed after a long day out at the rodeo. The guys each took a turn at letting me knead their muscles on the couch. This was such an erotic experience for each of the men who were in attendance. I got quite a few phone numbers out of the deal. Many of these guys want to hire me for private parties or sessions, and I can’t wait to spend time with each one that reaches out to me!