Leia Will Bring Peace To Your World

Are you the type of guy who finds it difficult to find the time to relax?

If so, you may want to book a date with me, Leia, and find out just how to destress with a pretty lady to help. I recently had a client who was very involved in his business work who desperately needed time to unwind. Here’s what happened during our time together.

I Was Prepared For A Quiet Time

My client indicated that he would like to spend time with me totally alone. He usually has to deal with the hubbub of a corporate agenda, along with family life when he isn’t working. With all of that hoopla happening, my poor client barely had time for rest. He was in the area on business and wanted nothing more than to spend time with someone who understood. I dressed in casual clothing and headed right for his hotel room for our date. I was prepared to stay in and enjoy our time totally alone.

We Got To Know Each Other

My cliented ordered us some room service for dinner and we enjoyed wine together as well. During our meal, we conversed and got to know a lot about each other. If we had gone out, we might not have stumbled upon the topics we encountered. I found out that my client enjoyed massage immensely and that he had a thing for women who made him laugh. It’s a good thing I was adept in both of these!

I Showed Off My Body

I knew that my client wanted to see more of me, so I decided to thrill him with a slow strip tease. I surprised him by starting to pull of my clothing while we were in the middle of a conversation. How quickly he stopped his bantering so he could focus upon what was being revealed in front of his eyes. I encouraged him to assist and he wasted no time in helping with with buttons, clasps, and zippers. This was rather erotic and it caused us to move to the bed for comfort.

The Massage Was Out Of This World

I knew that my client was stressed from his everyday activities. I wanted to make him feel totally relaxed. I helped him to strip down himself and told him to lie down on the bed so I could tend to his muscles. A sexual massage was just what this man needed! I used my body to place pressure upon key parts of the body, and made sure to pay special attention to erogenous zones. My client was moaning with pleasure and I do believe he totally forgot about his day with clients. After the massage, we just spent time in bed as a couple and drifted off to sleep. What a wonderful and exciting date we shared together!