Laurel Speaks ASL
A young woman in her early 20s looks into your eyes, a raised brow above one eye, the other looking through strands of hair. A string bikini top covers her perky breasts.

I am Laurel, and I’m glad you are here to learn more about me!

One thing that people don’t realize by looking at me, is that I am deaf in one ear. Because of this, I have learned American Sign Language as a second language. Sometimes I have difficulty understanding people and using my skills indicates to them that if they sign themselves, they can communicate with me in this way.

I'm Available For Dates Of All Types

If you struggle with hearing or if you are totally deaf, do not worry at all if you want to have a date with me! You’ll love my sense of humor and even though my voice isn’t able to be heard in a traditional sense, you’ll be able to understand all that I have to tell you with my signing. I love going out on the town, especially to experience the thrill at the nightclubs in our city. We don’t have to go there though if you would rather spend the night inside with me. Dinner, drinks, dancing, or anything at all…I’m there for your pleasure!

You'll Love The Way I Look

While my pictures on the site are certainly exciting to look at, when you see me in person you’ll be in awe. I am pretty stunning if I do say so myself. Whatever type of girl you are looking for, I can do my best to be her. If you want me to dress in a certain way, just text us to let us know what you would like to see me in. I will go out of my way to wear the exact look you want to see. If we will be taking our date to a spot out of the normal realm of dating sessions, such as to a beach or on a hiking excursion, let me know, so I can be prepared with the proper attire. I can’t wait to see your face when you set eyes on me in person!

We Will Get To Know Each Other

Since we have no language barrier to worry about, I’ll find out exactly what it is that thrills you when it comes to being with a woman. I want to be the one who puts that zip back into your step and that smile on your face. I will show you all I have of this luscious body and will make sure our time together is completely interactive as well. I am a hands-on kind of girl from the start! You’ll find I’m not at all shy. If you are, don’t worry, I’ll take the lead. Stripping, lap dances, bubble baths, or massage….whatever you have in mind, I’m game. I’m also very experienced in exploring fetishes of all types if this is up your alley at all!