Karen Likes Fast Cars

Vroom Vroom! That sound really gets me going!

I’m Karen, and I love all types of vehicles! I grew up as a mechanic’s daughter, so I know a thing or two about these big monsters of steel. Recently, a client asked me to come along to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a date I’ll never forget.

I Was Ready For Action

I knew that going to the speedway was going to be loads of fun, but I still wanted to look my best. This type of date called for tight jeans and a crop top. That way I could still maneuver myself around without the hinderance of a skirt, and I’d have the chance to show off my ample cleavage whenever I bent over. I wanted to make my client drool with excitement as much as I possibly could! I wasn’t sure what my client had in store for us, but I was going to make it a priority to give him an eyeful of my curvature whenever possible. We met at a local restaurant and had a delicious lunch together before we set out for the raceway. The anticipation of what was to come was so intense. It helped that my client was very good-looking. I was so happy to be able to spend time with him out and about.

My Client Booked A Special Surprise

I was in complete awe and shock when my client told me he had booked a session where I would be able to drive a race car myself on the track. We were there very early for our event, and during this time they had an allowance for single riders. My client told me I would be riding with a trained professional. I was so excited! I picked out a Lamborghini for my racer. It was absolutely beautiful.and I know I looked stunning in the pictures my client took of me before I went off for my treck around the track. That car was so fast and it was so much fun to be behind the wheel. It was so invigorating to just drive without using brakes at all. The scenary was whizzing past me and I felt so very free.

We Took Our Date Back To His Place

After my session came to an end, my client was so riled up about seeing me race he wanted to immediately go back to his hotel room. I was all for that! When we got into his room, I decided to give him a sexy striptease that he wouldn’t forget any time soon. From there, we took a steamy shower together, and then cuddled up on the couch to watch some movies together. I found that my trip to the raceway was one that I want to try again in the future. We discussed our outing during the movies and then topped off the evening with a sensual massage for each other. This was so relaxing and really helped us to unwind after the excitement we experienced during our time together.