Carla Loves A Good Soapy Massage
A brunette beauty is stepping out of the shower, completely nude. She holds a single towel over her breast and it cascades down her thigh, covering parts of her body from view. She's looking at you.

A soapy massage is something that I could give and receive forever!

Hey there! I am Carla and there is nothing that excites me more than being able to be pampered in a big bathtub.¬†Here’s why it so important to have a large tub for these relaxing sessions!

You'll Want Room For Others

One of the best parts of a soapy massage, is the interaction you have with the person you are giving it to. I find that a large tub is an absolute necessity for this type of date! I know which hotels in the area have the best tubs available for massages for two. If you don’t have a room booked as of yet, I’ll let you know which places to call so you can reep the rewards with a tub made for two. I like to book hotel rooms with these large tubs in them for myself and I do so at least once a week. If you make a date with me and you don’t have a room booked for yourself, we can work out an arrangement where we can use my room for a bubble bath together.

Jets Are So Very Exciting

A bathtub complete with jets is definitely the way to go! Think about the relaxation you’ll acquire when you position your body right up against the water pressure exuded by a jet. You can use these to enhance the pleasure you’ll experience! I like to place jets right at the small of my back for a guilty indulgence. I’ll encourage you to place particular body parts against these jets for the best session possible! Luckily, the bathtubs I have encountered myself have plenty of these jets positioned around the basin, giving you ample opportunity to wash down with relaxation in mind.

Soap Up For More Fun

The more soap you use during a bubble bath, the better! I always bring along a bottle of my own bubble bath when I intend on getting together with a client. I like to use plenty of this soap so the tub is completely full of bubbles. This adds to the excitement level a client will have with me when we get inside. He’ll be able to see me, but wonder what else is hiding under those bubbles. I’ll encourage him to touch me underneath the bubble wall to find out!

Room For Cuddling Is Necessary

It is awkward when you get into a tub with someone else and find there is not enough room to move around without restriction. A large tub means you can move to another area without worry. You’ll also be able to touch each other and cuddle without problem. I love giving lapdances to clients in bubble baths! This is so sexy and I find that it sets the tone for the rest of our date. Many times I’ll give a client a massage right in the tub. Talk about relaxation!